FDSTools: Forensic DNA Sequencing Tools

FDSTools is a package of data analysis tools for Next Generation Sequencing of forensic DNA markers, including tools for characterisation and filtering of PCR stutter artefacts and other systemic noise, and for automatic detection of the alleles in a sample. The software package is written in Python and runs on Windows, Linux or MacOS. Please refer to the User Guide for installation instructions.

FDSTools v2.1 is out!

Get ready for the latest version of FDSTools. In FDSTools v2.1, allele nomenclature is based on STRNaming v1.2. For human targets, no manual configuration of the repeat structure is required anymore. And no manual configuration is required at all if you're using one of the built-in kits. Furthermore, this version contains great improvements regarding microhaplotype loci.

Please refer to the User Guide if you are upgrading from an FDSTools v1.x installation. And please note the information about STRNaming updates when upgrading from FDSTools v2.0 to v2.1. Finally, find more information about FDSTools updates in the Release Notes.


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