STRNaming Updates

This page will be used to track changes in STRNaming nomenclature. While our top priority is to keep the nomenclature as stable as possible, STRNaming is a new and (internally) sophisticated nomenclature system, and therefore it is to be expected that some bug fixes and improvements based on user feedback may lead to slight changes in the generated allele names.

STRNaming version numbering

The Python implmentation of STRNaming uses a three-part semantic versioning system. For example, the version number '1.2.3' corresponds to major version 1, minor version 2, patch version 3. For STRNaming, these are defined as follows:

A full description of the technical changes in each version is available in the package's CHANGELOG.

Overview of STRNaming releases

The table below lists all known changes in allele naming between different versions of STRNaming. Example allele names are displayed using UAS Flanking Region Report ranges; some contextual reference sequence is given in lowercase letters.

VersionRelease DateExample Allele NamesChanged LociReference
v1.2.0Q4 2023In preparation Structure: SE33, DYS389II, DXS10103, DXS10135 In preparation
v1.1.02021-07-15In preparation Structure: FGA, DYS385a-b, DYS19, DYS437, DYS448, DYF387S1
Patches only: PentaD, DYS612, D21S11
v1.0.02020-12-21Click here Not applicable